3 Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Eyelids

by / Friday, 15 April 2016 / Published in Blog, Eyelid Surgery

As one of the sure signs that you are aging, drooping eyelids can make you feel not only old but they can also make you feel unattractive as well. And although there is no way to prevent aging, there are certain ways to slow down the aging process, especially when it comes to drooping eyelids. From quitting smoking to visiting the eye doctor on a regular basis, this article will discuss three ways to help reduce aging around your eyes.

Take proper care of your eyelids by:

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1) Quitting Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking can cause just about every part of your body to fail but did you know that smoking can also cause wrinkles as well? According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking is linked to increased wrinkling of the skin and can also damage elastin and collagen in your skin— leaving you with older and looser looking skin.

Because the skin around your eyes stays elastic and strong because of the collagen and elastin in your skin, quitting smoking could help make your eyelids look more youthful. If you are a smoker, not only are there tons of health reasons to quit smoking but there are cosmetic reasons— like losing skin elasticity— that should encourage you to quit. 

2) Using Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes and eyelids is very sensitive to things like the sun or even to touch. To help keep your eyes and eyelids looking as youthful as possible, try applying an eye cream to your eyes both morning and night. As a great way to keep your eyes hydrated, eye cream works to prevent the loss of collagen and even wrinkles around your eyes.

3) Get Regular Eye Exams

Ptosis is a medical condition that causes your eyelids to droop. Caused by things like nerve damage, ptosis can be caught and prevented early on with regular eye exams. If caught early on, your eye doctor can help to develop a plan to help reduce the impact of ptosis and get you looking and feeling like yourself once again.

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