Going to the beach or wearing shorts with legs that resemble Casper the Ghost, is not something anybody wants to have to deal with. However, getting too much sun and having to reap the unwanted benefits of sun damage, is also something that nobody wants to deal with. Skip the tanning beds and tanning oil,

A low mortgage rate, low car mileage, and low temperatures, are all appealing. However, when it comes to your breasts, the last thing you want is for them to be low. If you breastfed, had a baby, or your breasts are simply losing shape due to age and gravity, it might be time to consider

  What are the changes after pregnancy and my options? After pregnancy many women desire and improvement in the shape and size of their breasts.  The skin often stretches, and hormonal changes, especially if one breastfeeds, can deflate the shape of the breast, particularly in the upper pole (portion) of the breast. To reshape the breast properly

Who are ideal candidates? Ideal candidates have loose skin and proportionate amount of fat excess that diet and exercise has not been able to reduce in size.  In addition, in patients that have had children, there can be muscle looseness and laxity which need surgical tightening to flatten the mid-section. In addition, there are a

What is It? You may have heard on the news about the so-called “Gummy Bear Implant”.  While this term has been used quite liberally to describe a variety of things, typically when we refer to this implant, it is a firmer, cohesive material implant, that is anatomically shaped.  It is actually shaped like a breast,

Breast Reconstruction is most commonly done after breast cancer, to restore form after a mastectomy.  It can be a tremendously rewarding experience for a woman to feel whole again after her mastectomy, however  many women have misconceptions about breast reconstruction and what is involved in the process.  Sometimes they have a mastectomy and  do not realize that


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Dr Narasimhan’s Philosophy Browlift is a powerful technique to improve the appearance of not only the eyebrows themselves but also the eyelids and hairline, as well as remove those deep creases and lines along the forehead and nasal region.  It can truly improve the agedness of the brow and make you look more refreshed, without making

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Dr Narasimhan’s Philosophy Perhaps is one of the most challenging operations in all of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping).  The complex structure of the nose makes this operation difficult.  Dr Narasimhan has dual training in plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery, in which he was able to learn the intricate techniques for this operation.  Choosing a

Facelift and Necklift

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Facelift and Necklift, done alone or in combination, are lasting methods to rejuvenate the cheeks, jowls (jawline area) and neck.  They can correct droopiness, banding of the neck, and smoothen the skin for a natural, refreshed appearance.  These techniques are the most powerful in the armamentarium of plastic surgeons, who are uniquely trained in both non-surgical and surgical methods.  Dr

While some believe breast augmentation is a simple procedure, it can unfortunately have its share of complications. Some women who undergo breast augmentation have issues ranging from change in position of the implant, to firmness, swelling, scarring and changes in shape of the breast.  Common breast landmarks such as the nipple or the breast fold also may