Breast Implant Revision Surgery

by / Saturday, 13 December 2014 / Published in Blog

While some believe breast augmentation is a simple procedure, it can unfortunately have its share of complications. Some women who undergo breast augmentation have issues ranging from change in position of the implant, to firmness, swelling, scarring and changes in shape of the breast.  Common breast landmarks such as the nipple or the breast fold also may become distorted.  Sometimes these complications are immediately after the breast augmentation surgery, and often they occur years later.  You or a friend may have implants that are an older generation model and now may have problems.

Dr Narasimhan and Dr Swamy sees patients from all over the north Texas, Texoma, and Oklahoma regions because of these issues.  Issues may occur because of surgical technique or a variety of factors outside our control.  One of the biggest problems arises from using a breast implant that is too large for your body type.  Please call for a consultation where we can take your case on an individual basis to decide which surgical plan would be best for you

What to Expect

During a consultation with Dr Narasimhan or Dr Swamy, you can expect utmost attention to the details and particulars of your case, and the physical issues you are enduring.  Symptoms can range from pain in a certain region of your breast, to poor scarring, drop or descent of the implant, or poor shape.  We will listen to your goals regarding size, shape and recovery.  We will then devise a strategy to help achieve your goals.  These cases can be extremely different so expectations do need to be kept in sync.

What complications can occur after Breast Augmentation?

  • Capsular contracture (scarring /hard shell around implant)
  • Implant Malposition
  • Bottoming Out of Implant
  • Breast Asymmetry
  • Breast ptosis
  • Nipple malposition
  • Areolar or Nipple widening
  • Scarring
  • Rippling or Wrinkling of Implant
  • Breast fold in the wrong position

How are these complications repaired?

These techniques are very complex in some instances.  At the very least we will make sure your breast pocket is healthy and stable and it may involve re-creating your breast pocket with sutures or artificial materials.  The implants may be exchanged and we may have to remove the contracture around your breast implant (capsular contruacture).  A breast lift or skin reshaping may also be warranted.  We will go over this plan with you in detail and make sure you understand it before the operation

Results and Recovery

This depends on the procedure.  If there is excessive breast scarring to remove or we place a prothetic material in the breast (strattice or alloderm) then we may place a small drain. This will be removed in a few weeks.  There can be a period of muscle swelling that may occur over the next few weeks as well.  Scars placed from incisions will become red and raised initially and then subside over the course of a few months.  We will review scar care as well during your subsequent visit.