Dr Narasimhan’s Philosophy

Browlift is a powerful technique to improve the appearance of not only the eyebrows themselves but also the eyelids and hairline, as well as remove those deep creases and lines along the forehead and nasal region.  It can truly improve the agedness of the brow and make you look more refreshed, without making you appear artificial and surprised.  While botox can smoothen forehead lines to some extent, brow surgery is the most long term solution to these deep wrinkles.  A plastic surgeon who is trained in both non-surgical and surgical techniques will be able to accomplish this.   Dr Narasimhan was trained at UT Southwestern in Dallas, where he honed his skills in browlifting and facial plastic surgery techniques.


Who are good candidates?

Ideal Candidates for Browlift are those with deep forehead lines, or drooping of the eyebrows, creating a tired or aged appearance.  Sometimes even young individuals can have sagginess of the brows , especially on the sides or near the temples.  These patients may need surgery to improve this appearance.  Botox can help for some of the lines and give a subtle improvement but when these techniques do not produce the desired effect or fail, then surgery may be warranted.



Can the Eyelids be combined with Browlift?

Yes, and often this is a great combination to really provide comprehensive improvement to the forehead and eyelid regions.  These two areas need to be harmoniously in sync, and often cannot be done alone.  Dr Narasimhan has trained in these techniques and is familiar with the different approaches to both blepharoplasty and browlift.


Where is the incision?

This varies greatly depending on what technique is used.  Incisions can be either behind the hairline, along the hairline, or through an endoscope with a smaller incision in the scalp.  If more effect is needed the incision may be longer along the scalp to address all areas.  During the surgery Dr Narasimhan will address the deeper elements that create the aging brow, such as the muscles and the skin.


What is the Recovery and what results can I expect?

The first several days often can produce swelling and patients will need to stay elevated and use cold compresses.  Over the next several weeks as swelling subsides, the brow should have a more aesthetic position and make you look more refreshed.  My approach is to keep things proportionate and natural, so you will not have an overly surprised appearance.