As you age, your hair starts to lose its pigment; your skin starts to sag, and you may even start to carry a bit more weight around your middle section. And although all of those characteristics are perfect to fit the bill of looking like Santa Claus himself, you probably don’t want to look anything

Some of the top concerns reported by adults have to do with the appearance of her skin as they reach middle age. It is at this time when the cumulative damage that has occurred over several decades becomes obvious. Here, we will explore just a few of the factors at play in aging skin, and

Facials and spa treatments are a great way to get your skin back on track. Whether you suffer from acne, dry skin, irritated skin, or you just want a day away at the spa in order to escape your everyday life, there are many skin benefits to getting a facial or spa treatment. However, did

Acne can cause just about anyone to feel self conscious about their overall appearance. If you suffer from acne— no matter what age you are— it can be embarrassing to be seen out in public or to even see a picture of yourself. Gain back your confidence and your skin complexion with the following tips.

Although old age may bring you a lot of wisdom and experience, it can also bring you some fine lines and wrinkles as well. Luckily with advancements in cosmetic surgery, there are many options available to patients who are looking to get smoother and more youthful looking skin. Here are three ways that you can