As you age, your hair starts to lose its pigment; your skin starts to sag, and you may even start to carry a bit more weight around your middle section. And although all of those characteristics are perfect to fit the bill of looking like Santa Claus himself, you probably don’t want to look anything

Making the best of a summer's day

Being a teenager is hard. With an onset of hormones and emotions it can be difficult sometimes to even get out of bed or talk to your parents. However, one thing teenagers have going for them is their youthful appearances and young looking skin. If you were like most teenagers, the last thing you thought


Going to the beach or wearing shorts with legs that resemble Casper the Ghost, is not something anybody wants to have to deal with. However, getting too much sun and having to reap the unwanted benefits of sun damage, is also something that nobody wants to deal with. Skip the tanning beds and tanning oil,