Living a life full of adventure is the best way to live. However, if you are an especially adventurous person, you may be more prone to injury. As one of the most common facial injuries that you can get, a broken nose can leave you not only with a misaligned face but in a lot

It used to be that in order to justify getting a rhinoplasty, you would have to say that you had some sinus problems that needed to be fixed. However, as the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, it’s no longer embarrassing to claim getting a nose job for cosmetic purposes alone. If you

Television shows like “Botched” have shown that it’s easy for patients to fall into the hands of a plastic surgeon who has absolutely no idea what they have done or what they are doing. Luckily, we at Swamy Clinic know the importance of providing all of our patients with the best treatment possible and all

Choosing a new nose for your face is more intense than something like picking out new furniture or a new car. As the focal point of your face, it’s the first thing people are likely to notice when they first meet you and it’s the first thing to greet you in the mirror every morning.