Face Surgery for Virtually Every Part of You

by / Tuesday, 15 September 2015 / Published in Blog

We all struggle with our self-esteem even super models and the hottest celebrities are self conscious about at least one portion of their face or body. If you obsess over a certain aspect of your appearance and want a remedy to cure it, try getting facial surgery. From nose surgery to ear surgery, there is a surgical option to help give you the results you desire.


Nose Surgery

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is the process in which either an exterior incision will be made or two interior incisions will be made in order to grant the doctor access to the bone and overall structure of the nose. Once the incisions have been made and depending on the severity of the issue, the doctor will then either maneuver a restructure the bone by making it smaller, or simply remove excess tissue and fat to help you breathe better.


Ear Surgery

Ear surgery or otoplasty is a surgery designed for individuals whose ears protrude significantly far outside of the head. Typically conducted in children ages 4-14, this procedure can also be conducted on adults. During the surgical process, an incision will be made at the crease behind the ear. Once the incision has been made, the doctor will then be able to manipulate and move the cartilage behind the ears around.


Chin and Cheek Implants

If you simply have never been pleased with your overall facial structure, cheek and chin implants might be the perfect way to give you the facial appearance you desire.


  • Chin Implants

During a chin implant procedure, a small incision will be made inside the mouth, and then an implant will be place directly in the jawbone in order to give you either a more subtle or more pronounced look.


  • Cheek Implants

During this surgery, incisions are made on either side of the mouth, through the lower cheek, or directly below the bottom eyelid. Once the incision has been made, the implants will be placed high on the cheeks, giving you a more chiseled facial structure.


It really is true what they say: there’s pretty much a surgery for everything. If you have started to lack confidence because of your facial structure, ears, or nose, then one of these surgeries is worth looking into.


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