Getting Ready for Tummy Tuck Recovery

by / Monday, 30 May 2016 / Published in Blog, Tummy Tuck Archives

Tummy Tuck sherman txThe tummy tuck procedure has long been a viable solution to the frustrating problem of mid-section flab. When the issue is not excess fat but drooping skin and loose muscle tone, there are not many options to resolve the problem without surgery. The tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty, is performed to tighten muscles against the abdominal wall, and to remove overlying skin that has become overly stretched. The completion of this surgery can translate into a better body shape and significantly higher confidence.

We often discuss how to prepare for surgical procedures; stop smoking, avoid certain medications and alcohol, and so on. But what you also need to know is how to maximize your post-surgical “time off.” This short break from your normal routine can be some of the best time you have spent, especially if you are adequately prepared. Here are a few tips for a luxurious recovery.

  • Create a space of serenity just for you. Home is, for most of us, a place where we take care of the needs of others. Whether family, friends, or pets, the caretaking will need a swift role-reversal – just for a short time. If you will spent most of your post-surgical time in your bedroom, deck it out with comfortable pillows, ambient lighting (this can be a safety precaution as well), and soft blankets. Also have games, books, magazines, and music ready to keep you occupied. Boredom can be your worst enemy after plastic surgery.
  • Create a well-stocked kitchen. The last thing you want to think about as you recovery from abdominoplasty is how you will feed the family – or yourself! To minimize stress, plan healthy take-out meals that can be delivered to you, or make several meals in the week before your surgery that a family member or friend can heat and serve to you. On that note, you may as well break out the silver platter for the occasion!
  • Create a patient attitude. After your surgery, you will be swollen; you will have some bruising. This will equate to weight. Save yourself frustration. Do not get on the scale and, as much as possible, just stay out of the closet. Once you have fully recovered, you can try on the tighter-fitting clothing you’d like to wear and love what you see.

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