Gummy Bear Breast Implants

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

You may have heard on the news about the so-called “Gummy Bear Implant”.  While this term has been used quite liberally to describe a variety of things, typically when we refer to this breast implant, it is a firmer, cohesive material implant, that is anatomically shaped. It is actually shaped like a breast, with a thinner and more tapered top, and a rounder and fuller lower part.  Similar to a tear drop.  It has very specific uses and should be used judiciously, especially in cosmetic breast surgery.  At the Swamy clinic we use gummy bear breast implants in selected patients.

How are Gummy Bear Implants different from regular round implants?

While the advancing technology of silicone breast implants has allowed for a more cohesive material (if ruptured the silicone material tends not to spill ), the gummy bear implant is a shaped teardrop implant.  Also, unlike a typical softer silicone implant, the skin tends to conform more to the shape of the implant.

Is the Gummy Bear Implant right for me?breast augmentation sherman | gummy bear implants mckinney tx

The specific indication for this gummy bear implant are:

1) Breast reconstruction after cancer (to give more anatomic breast shape)

2) Breast surgery for chest wall deformities (such as a pectus or caved in chest)

3) Cosmetic patients with very specific deformities related to lack of breast shape

The average augmentation patient usually does not need such an implant because most augmentation patients have a good shape to begin with. However, gummy bear implants are a new and useful adjunct in difficult cases.

Gummy Bear Implant Risks

Similar to other breast augmentation procedures, patients with gummy bear implants can also get capsular contracture, bleeding, scar, infection, loss of implant, and malposition.  Malposition can occur because movement of the implant under the breast pocket is not very forgiving.

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