Help! I Can’t Breath…Causes of Nasal Obstruction

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What is the problem?
Thousands of us each year suffer from nasal obstruction, and it can be miserable. Sometimes it is constant; and other times, it varies from season to season. Reason for this include allergies, certain viruses (the “cold”), but sometimes our anatomy is not favorable to allow air to reach our lungs.

How can my anatomy be causing obstruction? How Can I find out?

If your anatomy is the issues, you may have deviation of our nasal septum, deviation of your nasal bones (on the outside), and/or enlarged turbinates. The septum is the cartilage in the midline of our nose and can be deviated to one side, sometimes causing blockage on only one side of the nose. In addition, our nasal bones can deviate to one side or another and this can also cause cosmetic deformity. The turbinates are tissue masses on the sidewalls of the inner nose which help humidify and aerate the nose. They can in addition become inflamed and enlarged, blocking proper airflow. Dr Narasimhan will look inside your nose to evaluate this.

What are my options?

The options for the above issues include septoplasty (septum repositioning), rhinoplasty ( to fix the outside of the nose) and turbinate reduction. Here Dr Narasimhan will reposition your nasal bones and straighten the elements that are blocking your breathing. This can also be one for cosmetic reasons, to straighten the nasal profile and make the tip of the nose more symmetric.

What is the surgery involve and recovery?

Surgery involves incisions either on the inside or the outside of the nose to reposition the deviated elements. Often we in addition use splints to maintain and protect the surgical area for one week. If we have to reposition the bones there may be a prolonged period of swelling.

Where can I get more information?

Please call our office at 90-893-6311 to make an appointment and we can discuss your options!