How to Properly Recover from Breast Augmentation Surgery

by / Monday, 30 November 2015 / Published in Breast Augmentation Archives
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If you have decided to get breast augmentation surgery, you will need to know how to properly care for your body during recovery. As one of the most crucial aspects of any surgery, recovery is what will get you from out of surgery and back into your office in no time. Read on to learn more about how to properly recover from surgery.

  1. Rest and Relaxation

If you have avoided taking any of your vacation time because you seem to be married more to your job than your own spouse, breast augmentation surgery is the perfect time to take some medical leave, kick up your feet, and properly relax. This additional dose of rest will help your body properly heal after such an invasive surgery.

  1. No Heavy Lifting

One of the most crucial parts of recovery is refraining from any sort of heavy lifting. If you need to move some Christmas packages from your front porch into your living room, ask a neighbor, family member, or friend for some help. The extra lifting can cause strain on not only your back, but on the surgical site as well.

  1. No Exercise

Although exercise is a crucial component to living a healthy lifestyle, exercising during recovery will only exacerbate your incision site and make recovery time take significantly longer. Yes, you may be able to talk yourself into lifting small weights and maybe running up the stairs a little, but quickly talk yourself out of doing even small exercises for a few days. Even if the exercise routine is fairly small, it could still cause you more harm than good. Make sure to consult your plastic surgeon on just how long you should take off from exercise in order to fully recover.

Recovering from breast augmentation surgery is one of the most important components of a successful procedure. From getting some good R&R to avoiding exercise, you can get the results you need in no time.

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