How to Tell Your Coworkers About Your Breast Enhancement Surgery

by / Wednesday, 30 September 2015 / Published in Breast Enhancement

Being a woman comes with a sleuth of awkward moments— frequent trips to the restroom during pregnancy and having to call in because your PMS symptoms just won’t ease up are just two of the joys that accompany womanhood. Add things like breast enhancement surgery to the list, and you suddenly have a whole different type of scenario to have to explain to people around you— like your coworkers and boss. Here are three tips that will help you tell your work about your surgery without having to feel embarrassed.

  1. Minimal Explanation

Women in general have a tendency to over explain things. But when it comes to telling your boss and coworkers that you’re having breast enhancement surgery, you don’t have to divulge all of your secrets. Yes, you may want to tell your closest girlfriends about it but you can spare your male boss and coworkers some of the details. Simply just explain to them that you will be out of the office for a few days because you are having a cosmetic procedure done. If they ask you further questions, you are under no legal obligation to divulge any more than that, but if you feel comfortable in doing so, you might as well do it.

  1. Know Your Legal Rights

Although breast enhancement surgery is an optional surgery to undergo, you by no means have to feel guilty or take any form of harassment for taking time off of work to get the procedure done. Just make sure that you have enough sick leave or vacation time before you schedule the procedure, and give your office at least a month’s notice just in case they need to call somebody else in to help fill in for you while you’re out of the office.

  1. Talk to HR

If you are worried about the office gossip that will take place once you get back from your surgery, express your feelings directly to your HR department. Your HR department should work as a confidential source for you to confide in with work related issues, and they should take care of the situation just in case any sort of office gossip does arise.

Getting breast enhancement surgery is both exciting and a little bit nerve wracking. If you are nervous about explaining your surgery to your boss or coworkers, try these three tips.

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