Lost the Weight? Now What?

by / Saturday, 30 July 2016 / Published in Blog, Skin Tightening Surgery

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After Losing the Weight

Losing a massive amount of weight, or any weight at that, is quite a victory. Not only does weight loss require hard work and dedication, but it also requires mental strength to keep on going until you reach your goal weight. If you have recently lost a lot of weight, you may be stuck with an excess amount of skin around areas like your arms, thighs, and abdomen. If you feel skinny but still feel like you can’t get into a swimsuit because of that extra skin that is quite literally hanging out, you should consider getting skin tightening surgery. Read on to learn more about this surgical procedure.

Ideal candidates for Skin Tightening surgery

In order to be deemed a suitable candidate for skin tightening surgery, you need to have lost around an average of 100lbs or more, or you need to be experiencing an unruly amount of excess and loose skin. Additionally, you will need to come directly into the Swamy Clinic for a consultation and examination. During the consultation, you and the doctor will determine what area(s) you would like to target and what the exact results are that you would like to see.

What to expect during Skin Tightening surgery

During the skin tightening surgery, you will be under anesthesia the entire time so you shouldn’t feel a thing. Once under anesthesia, one of the doctors at Swamy Clinic will then remove the skin in multiple stages or surgeries in order to be able to properly lift the skin and tighten it, leaving you with a more taut looking appearance.

What is recovery like?

Because skin tightening is a fairly invasive surgical procedure, recovery will take around 2-3 weeks for you to heal. During the recovery period, you will be encouraged to wear compression sleeves around the areas in order to help ease the swelling and maintain a level of comfort.

Schedule a consultation

Weight Loss is a wonderful thing but it can also leave you with more skin than you know what to do with. Luckily, there is skin tightening surgery to help with that. To learn more about skin tightening or to schedule a consultation, contact Swamy Clinic today!