Pick Out the Perfect Bra to Enhance Your New Assets

by / Friday, 15 January 2016 / Published in Breast Augmentation Archives

Getting a breast enhancement done is a big deal— whether you got the surgery done due to size, shape, or health reasons, it’s a rite of passage as a woman that is definitely worth boasting about. Now that you have your new breasts, take care of them properly and pick out the right bra for you and your lifestyle. Read on to learn more.

wearing sports bra1. All Day Support
Although your new breasts may be firmer and perkier, they are likely also larger as well. In order to ensure that you stay comfortable all day long and that your breasts don’t start to ache, get a bra that offers you all day support. Choose a bra that has a little bit of padding and that has enough strap support to keep your ladies upright all day long. When getting fitted for an all day support bra, make sure that the waistband isn’t too tight or too loose around your back.

2. Exercise Bra
You may have never had to wear an exercise bra before or you may have never had to invest in a high quality excercise bra, but in order to protect your new breasts during your daily exercise routine, it’s important to purchase a high-quality exercise bra. Because you will likely doing a lot of jumping and bouncing, look for an exercise bra that offers you extra support and doesn’t all your breasts to move around much. As an added plus, look for an exercise bra that has a small layer of padding in it— this act as an additional protective layer while doing things like lifting heavy weights.

3. Criss Cross Back Bras
If your job or lifestyle is fairly active and you don’t want to constantly wear an exercise bra, opt for a criss cross back bra. These types of bras give your back and your breasts an additional layer of support that a traditional bra just won’t. Plus, you can wear them under a t-shirt and with most clothing.

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