Will Lotion Really Tighten Your Skin?

by / Monday, 15 May 2017 / Published in Blog, Skin Tightening Surgery

skin tightening surgery | Swamy Clinic TXAs you age, lose a lot of weight, or have a baby, your skin can lose that collagen you took for granted in your teens and twenties— making your skin resemble dough more than actual skin. And, with so many lotions and creams on the market claiming to lift and tighten your skin, it can be hard to know if they are a waste of money or if they are going to do you justice. Read on to learn more about whether or not lotion can tighten your skin.

What Is Your Problem Area?

If you have an excessive amount of saggy skin from something like weight loss or having a baby, then lotion itself likely won’t make a dent. However, with a skin tightening surgery from Swamy Clinic, excess skin will be surgically removed from different parts of your body to give you that taut appearance you have always wanted. Typically, patients who need to undergo this type of surgery will have to get multiple surgeries to obtain the desired results. During your initial consultation, you and your doctor at Swamy Clinic will create a surgical plan so that you know just what to expect every step of the way.

Look at the Ingredients

If you are trying to help with some elasticity loss in your face, then a lotion may do the trick. When looking for a lotion to help with things like collagen production and volume, look for ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid. To get the best results from your skincare products, make sure to use them on a consistent basis— the more consistent you are, the faster you will see tighter skin.

When it comes down to it, skincare products can only help tighten small problems on areas of your body like your face. If you have recently lost a lot of weight and want to get rid of excess fat, consider getting a skin tightening surgery from Swamy Clinic. If you would like to learn more about how you can tighten your skin or schedule an appointment, contact the doctors at Swamy Clinic today!