Facelift and Necklift Q&A

Facelift and Necklift, done alone or in combination, are lasting methods to rejuvenate the cheeks, jowls (jawline area) and neck. They can correct droopiness, banding of the neck, and smoothen the skin for a natural, refreshed appearance.  These techniques are the most powerful in the armamentarium of plastic surgeons, who are uniquely trained in both non-surgical and surgical methods.  Dr. Narasimhan trained in Dallas at UT Southwestern, with some of the top facial plastic surgeons.

Who are good candidates?

Ideal candidates are those that have drop or hollowing of their cheeks, the appearance of jowls or fat overlapping their jawline, and/or excess skin in the face and neck.  The neck often has a turkey-gobbler appearance with excess skin, and neck bands, which represent skin and muscle irregularities.  If you have any of these features you may be a good candidate for facial surgery.  Please call the Swamy Clinic for an appointment.

How long is the operation?

Facelift surgery length depends on the type of operation and if it combines other procedures.  It may be anywhere from 4-5 hours.

What is the recovery?

Recovery involves swelling and bruising for a couple of weeks and after 3-4 weeks patient can resume normal strenuous activity.  Often patient can wear makeup to conceal incisions initially after 10 days.  The immediate recovery period is important however, and diet and medication intake is also important and can effect the result.

How long before my appearance improves and what results should I expect?

After the first few weeks, when swelling subsides one should start to see the improvement.  This occurs gradually as incisions heal and bruising improves.  You should expect to look more refreshed and still maintain your unique characteristics. 

Can you do my neck only, without doing my face?

In some instances yes, this is possible.  Often patients only want the bands in their neck or their jawline improved.  However the face, neck and eyelids all bring harmony to the face in unison.  Dr Narasimhan will be honest with you and tell you if he feels that only doing the neck may not be the best option.  Any facial plastic surgery is an important decision.

Anatomy of a Necklift from Dr Narasimhan’s article “Five-Step Necklift” in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Can you combine face/necklift with other procedures?

Yes, very often brow rejuvenation or eyelid surgery is combined with facelift.  In fact, this brings harmony between the lower lids and the cheek and thus lower lid blepharoplasty and facelift are often combined

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