Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Who are ideal candidates?

Ideal candidates have loose skin and proportionate amount of fat excess that diet and exercise has not been able to reduce in size.  In addition, in patients that have had children, there can be muscle looseness and laxity which need surgical tightening to flatten the mid-section.

In addition, there are a select group of patients who have had massive weight loss (over 100 lbs) through bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve, bypass, or lap band) or diet and exercise.  There patients may have tremendous excessive skin.  Dr Narasimhan has training in these massive weight loss patients as well.

When should I wait on surgery?

However not everyone is an ideal candidate.  In patients that have excessive fat inside the abdomen (intra-abdominal fat) weight loss might be a better option initially before surgery.  In addition, you may want to wait if you plan on having more children.  Dr Swamy and Dr Narasimhan can make this decision.

What are Risks?

Main risks include bleeding, scar, infection, seroma (fluid collections), and dimpling of skin.  We take special technical and safety precautions to prevent these things from happening however so please ask us if you have any concerns.

Can you Combine this with other procedures?

Yes, often we combine liposuction of other areas (thighs, hips and legs) with the abdominoplasty so patients don’t need to undergo these procedures separately.  In addition as part of a mommy makeover we combine breast procedures such as a lift or an augmentation.